552, Fall 2019: Computer Networks Syllabus


There are no official texts for this course. As background, we suggest a few texts:

These textbooks cover background material that will be essential to understand the papers and lectures. Look out for the instructor's announcements for lecture-specific background reading.


Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

# Date Topics Readings Optional readings & remarks
Part 1: Basics
1 Thu 09/05 Intro [pdf] [pptx] how-to-read Read how to disagree
2 Mon 09/09 Internet architecture [pdf] [pptx] philosophy Skim end to end argument
Tue 09/10 Form project teams
3 Thu 09/12 Control and data plane separation (part 1) [pdf] [pptx] openflow Watch Scott Shenker's talk on the future of networking
4 Mon 09/16 Control and data plane separation (part 2) [pdf] [pptx] openflow Watch Jennifer Rexford's talk on programming software-defined networks
5 Thu 09/19 Transport (part 1) [pdf] [pptx] jacobson-tcp Watch Van Jacobson's interview on TCP congestion control
6 Mon 09/23 Transport (part 2) [pdf] [pptx] rfc2581 Watch automated attack discovery in TCP using model-guided approach
Tue 09/24 Sample project ideas announced
7 Thu 09/26 Data centers (part 1) [pdf] [pptx] vl2 See pictures of Google's data centers
8 Mon 09/30 Data centers (part 2) [pdf] [pptx] vl2 Watch Amin Vahdat's interview on the Google data center network
Tue 10/01 Project proposals due
9 Thu 10/03 Data centers (part 3) [pdf] [pptx] vl2 Read Valiant's scheme for fast parallel communication
Part 2: Packet processing at the edge
10 Mon 10/07 Software switches [pdf] [pptx] ovs Read the road to SDN
11 Thu 10/10 Flexible transport [pdf] [pptx] quic Skim Congestion Control Plane
Mon 10/14 Lecture canceled
12 Thu 10/17 Transport security (part 1) [pdf] [pptx] quic Read TLS fingerprinting
13 Mon 10/21 Transport security (part 2) [pdf] [pptx] quic Read TLS handshake with RSA/DH
14 Thu 10/24 User-space networking [pdf] [pptx] netmap Read an introduction to DPDK
Part 3: Packet processing in the core
15 Mon 10/28 Router design [pdf] [pptx] 50Gbps Read the the intro chapter of Sundar Iyer's Ph.D. thesis
16 Thu 10/31 Reconfigurable match-action [pdf] [pptx] rmt Watch Nick McKeown's talk on SDN 3.0
17 Mon 11/04 Network functions [pdf] [pptx] routebricks Guest lecture by Prof. Badri Nath. Read about extended Berkeley Packet Filters (eBPF)
Thu 11/07 Mid-term review presentations See announcement for schedule
18 Mon 11/11 Programmable scheduling [pdf] [pptx] pifo Read pFabric, the scheduling discipline that inspired the PIFO paper
Part 4: Congestion control
19 Thu 11/14 Wide area TCP [pdf] [pptx] bbr Read experimental evaluation of BBR congestion control
20 Mon 11/18 Multipath TCP [pdf] [pptx] mptcp Read bandwidth is only a part of TCP network performance
21 Thu 11/21 Data center TCP [pdf] [pptx] dctcp Read the promise and pitfalls of TCP in the data center
Part 5: Network verification and synthesis
22 Mon 11/25 Static network verification [pdf] [pptx] hsa Read why network verification requires a mathematical model
Tue 11/26 Lecture canceled (Dynamic verification) nice Lecture canceled
Thu 11/28 Thanksgiving break Gobble, gobble!
23 Mon 12/02 Network program synthesis [pdf] [pptx] chipmunk Read search-based program synthesis
24 Thu 12/05 Frontiers of networking [pdf] [pptx] Watch thermal challenges after the end of Dennard scaling and plotting a course to a continued Moore's law
Mon 12/09 Course project presentations See announcement for schedule
Fri 12/13 Project final report due

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