Santosh Nagarakatte
Professor and Undergraduate Program Director of Computer Science,
Department of Computer Science,
Rutgers University, New Brunswick
email: firstname.lastname @ cs.
office: CORE 328
phone: (+1) 848-445-8407( Email is the fastest way to reach me)
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About me

I joined Rutgers in January 2013, after obtaining my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. I am interested in building efficient, robust, and secure software systems. Primary research interests are in hardware-software interfaces spanning programming languages, compilers, runtimes and computer architecture. I love working on the entire computing stack ranging from hardware modifications, operating system enhancements, compiler optimizations and programming language design to build robust systems. My group's research has been recognized with the NSF CAREER Award, two IEEE Micro Top Picks Paper Awards (2010 and 2013), five Distinguished Paper Awards (PLDI 2015, ICSE 2016, PLDI 2021, POPL 2022, and CGO 2022), SIGPLAN Research Highlights paper, CACM Research Highlight paper, 2018 ACM SIGPLAN John C Reynolds Outstanding Dissertation Award, Google Research Award, Intel Corporation Gifts, and 2022 ACM SIGPLAN John C Reynolds Outstanding Dissertation Award. I was selected as a ACM Distinguished Member in 2023. For more details, see my research group's page.

Selected Publications: SP 2024, PLDI 2024, CAV 2023 , CGO 2023, OOPSLA 2022, ACM TACO 2022 , PLDI 2022 , CGO 2022 , POPL 2022, FSE 2021, PLDI 2021, POPL 2021, PLDI 2020, CF 2020, PLDI 2019, CGO 2019, SC 2018, CACM-RH 2018, PLDI 2017, FSE 2017, FSE 2016, ICSE 2016, PLDI 2015, ASPLOS 2015, PLDI 2013, OOPSLA 2013, PLDI 2012, ISCA 2012, POPL 2012, ASPLOS 2010, and PLDI 2009.

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I love racquet sports. I play squash three or four times a week. I also read a lot of non-technical books. Inspired by Adam Chilpala's book log, a log of the books I have recently read is available here.


I generally support one or two charity organizations every year that are currently performing amazing work that ameliorates the condition of the human race. Kindly consider supporting Doctors Without Borders and Association for India's Development's Eureka Project.