Richard Martin's Talk Slides

An old place to give a talk.
Slides or overheads are not available.

Collaborative Videowalls,NJEDge Faculty Showcase 2015, Jan 2015 (pdf, ppt)

Collaborative Videowalls,RU online and Hybrid Learning Conference, Jan 2015 (pdf, ppt)

Building Sensing Applications with the Owl Platform, Crestron, April 2014 (pdf, ppt)

The Case for Transmit Only Communication, UC Berkeley Swarm Lab, May 2013 (pdf, ppt)

Automatic inference of clinical workflow events using spatial-temporal tracking, Penn St. CSE Dept. Colloquium, November 2009 (pdf, ppt)

Emerging Localization StacksInterDigital, August 2008 (pdf, ppt)

Tutorial on Wireless LocalizationWinlab, June 2008 (video, pdf),

Emerging Localization Stacks Rutgers CS Dept, May 2008 (Google Docs)

Localization Techniques in Wireless NetworksWinlab, May 2006 (pdf, ppt )

Model Based, May 2006 (pdf, ppt )

Web Services: Hope or Hype? Comrise, August 2004 (pdf, ppt )

Maximizing Broadcast Coverage Using Range Control for Dense Wireless Networks,WINLAB,May 2003, (pdf,ppt)

The Impact of Layering and Faults on Availablity and its End-to-End Implications, USITS 03, (pdf,ppt)

How to be a computer systems graduate student
( In 3 formats: html, pdf, ppt)

The Shape of Failure ,EASY 2001
(html, pdf, ppt)

Using distributed data structures for constructing Internet services , EASY 2001
(html, pdf,ppt)

Spatial Web Overview (pdf)