Using shared grants directories

Using shared grants directories

A grants directory is set up to share private files between the grant applicant and administrative staff. The directory is typically set up under the applicant's home directory on, called /res/users/username/grants/. The directory is in a private group with read/write access for everyone in the group and no access for everyone else. (Maryann should request this group setup and provide the usernames of those who should be in the group in an email to help@cs.)

The major difficulty in sharing files in directories like this is to get the permissions right. For the grants directories, this process is simply automated for both Windows and Linux users.

Unix (Solaris or Linux) users can connect to the directory directly,

    % cd /res/users/username/grants
After editing/adding files there, the command
    % /usr/local/bin/fix-shared-grants-files
will set shared protections right.

Users on Windows boxes need to map the directory to their machine first. [Note: In order to map the directory on your Windows machine, you will need an LCSR Windows domain account.] When finished editing/adding files, they should run a program in the grants directory called "Share files (username) .bat" (where username is their user name). That program will ask for their (Unix) password, then ssh a command to research to correct the protections.

This page last updated January 17, 2012.