Week 3,4: Remote Procedure Calls

Lecture notes:
Remote Procedure Calls
Lecture slides (6 per page)
RPC case studies slides (6 per page)

Recitation notes:
Programming with Sun RPC
Programming with RMI

Sample programs:
rpcdemo.tar - demo of Sun's RPC

rmidemo.tar - demo of Java RMI

Supplemental notes:
Microsoft .NET Remoting: A Technical Overview by Piet Obermeyer and Jonathan Hawkins, MSDN, Microsoft Corporation, July 2001

Microsoft .NET Remoting: Design and Develop Seamless Distributed Applications for the Common Language Runtime by Dino Esposito, MSDN, Microsoft Corporation, October 2002

Microsoft .Net, by Dr. Pizza, arstechnica.com

ONC (SUN) RPC documentation

Understanding the Distributed Object Component (DCOM) Architecture, (c) 2001 Microsoft Corporation

Transarc DCE Introduction to the OSF Distributed Computing Environment , (c)1990-1996 Transarc, IBM

Introduction to CORBA, Short Course, java.sun.com

Getting Started with RMI , Sun Microsystems. Writing a simple applet using jdk 1.4.2

Java RMI Tutorial, Ken Baclawski, Northeastern University

Microsoft Systems Journal: Understanding Interface Definition Language

Web Services: Building Reusable Web Components with SOAP and ASP .NET, David S. Platt, Microsoft MSDN

Understanding Microsoft .NET , David Platt, Byte,com December 2000: Part 1, part 2, part 3

Feature Article: Microsoft .NET Framework Objects, Thunderclap, the Newsletter of Rolling Thunder Computing.

W3Schools.comSome basic tutorials on XML, SOAP, and .NET: short but not very through (.NET is particularly poor).

remote procedure call, language level construct, operating system level construct, stub functions, passing parameters, marshaling, canonical data encoding, implict typing, explicit typing, semantics of remote procedure calls, idempotent, non-idempotent
Sun RPC:
XDR (eXternal Data Representation), rpcgen, RPC compiler, interface definition language, portmapper
Sun RPC:
DCE RPC, uuidgen, cell, cell directory server,
Microsoft DCOM:
COM, surrogate process, monikers, ORPC, MIDL, interface pointer, distributed garbage collection, reference counting, pinging
object request broker, dynamic invocation, IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol),
Java RMI:
Remote Method Invocation, remote interfaces, remote class, serializable class, rmic, rmiregistry
XNL-based RPCs:
XML-RPC, SOAP, WSDL, .NET web services, Common Language Runtime (CLR), Intermediate Language (IL)