Week 3: Naming

Lecture notes:
Lecture slides (6 per page)

Recitation notes:

Supplemental notes:
How Domain Name Servers Work , by Marshall Brian, howstuffworsk.com

DNS and BIND , by Cricket Liu & Paul Albitz, ISBN -56592-512-2, O'Reilly.

RFC 1498: On the Naming and Binding of Network Destinations , J. Saltzer, August 1993

Naming and Addressing: URIs, URLs, ... , W3C

RFC 1630: Universal Resource Identifiers in WWW , June 1994

RFC 1738: Uniform Resource Locators , December 1994

Introduction to DNS, Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit
(cached pdf copy)

Naming and Directory Concepts, from the JNDI tutorial, Sun

name, naming service, address, route, binding/bindings, DNS, naming convention, LDAP, context, naming system, namespace, directory service, service name resolution, static binding, early binding, late binding