Assignment 4

Due Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 6:00pm via sakai


Please answer the questions concisely.


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  • Weeks 5-6 lecture notes.
  • Chapter 7 (Memory management): p. 325-364
  • Chapter 8 (Virtual memory): 8.0-8.8: p. 371-413;
    8.9.2-8.9.4 (page size, TLB reach, inverted page tables): p. 414-416;


  1. [7.15] Compare paging with segmentation with respect to the amount of memory required by the address translation structures in order to convert virtual addresses to physical addresses.
  2. Assuming a 4 KB page size (12-bit offsets), what are the page numbers and offsets for the following address references (provided as decimal numbers):
    a. 1
    b. 4097
    c. 8193
    d. 503931
    e. 50568453
  3. [7.20] Consider a paging system with the page table stored in memory.
    a. If a memory reference takes 200 nanoseconds, how long does a paged memory reference take?
    b. If we add TLBs, and 75 percent of all page-table references are found in the TLBs, what is the effective memory reference time? (Assume that finding a page-table entry in the TLBs takes zero time, if the entry is there.)
  4. [8.17] What is the copy-on-write feature, and under what circumstances is it beneficial? What hardware support is required to implement this feature?