Desheng Zhang

Assistant Professor
Computer Science, Rutgers
Office: CoRE Building 307
Phone: (848) 445-8307
desheng AT

Visiting Professor
Media Lab, MIT
desheng AT

Course Teaching

No. Course #: Title Enrollment Semester
8. CS552: Design of Internet Services 48 S2021
7. CS672: Data Science for Smart Cities 63 S2020
6. CS352: Internet Technology 166 F2019
5. CS352: Internet Technology 134 S2019
4. CS671: Data Science for Smart Cities 19 F2018
3. CS671: Data-Driven Cyber Physical Systems for Smart Cities 11 S2018
2. CS352: Internet Technology 113 F2017
1. CS671: Data-Driven Cyber Physical Systems for Smart Cities 17 S2017

PhD Thesis Committee

No. Name Major Time Thesis Title
1. Bowen Wen CS 5/2020 Real-Time, Robust 6d Pose Estimationi and Tracking For Dexterous Manipulation
2. Blerta Lindqvist CS 5/2019 Robot Navigation Via Sketch
3. Lezi Wnag CS 11/2018 Discriminative Attention: Reducing Visual Confusion and Bridging Multi-Tasks of Face Analysis
4. Srinivas Devarakonda CS 5/2018 Learning Models for Inference and Estimation in Large Scale Spatiotemporal Data
5. Chaolun Xia CS 5/2018 Pricing Problems in Online Markets
6. Sen Yang ECE 5/2018 Applied Process Mining, Recommendation and Visual Analysis
7. Tugba Kulahcioglu CS 4/2018 Semantic Font Attribute Prediction and A Typographical Lexicon
8. Xinyu Li ECE 2/2018 Process Progress Estimation and Activity Recognition
9. Ruilin Liu CS 9/2017 Capturing and Analyzing Human Driving Behavior to Improve Road Travel Experience
10. Liu Liu CS 5/2017 Trading Quality for Resource Consumption Through Approximation Management
11. Luyang Liu ECE 4/2017 Toward Detection of Unsafe Driving Wearables
12. Hongyu Li CS 4/2017 Tracking Driver Actions and Guiding Phone Usage for Safer Driving
13. Jun Hu CS 11/2017 Collaborative Filtering Via Decomposed Matrix Factorization
14. Shu Wang CS 9/2016 Visual Tracking with Reliable Memories

Master Thesis Advisors

No. Name Major Time Thesis
1. Chaozhang Huang CS 10/2019 A Model for Concurrent Priority Queue on Manycore Architectures
2. Chaoji Zuo ECE 10/2019 CellRep: Usage Representativeness Modeling and Correction Based on Multiple City-Scale Cellular Network
3. Yu Yang CS 05/2017 Vehicular Mobility Modeling At large-scale: An Approach to Combine Stationary Sensing and Mobile Sensing
4. Xiaoyang Xie CS 05/2017 Fleet-Oriented Real-Time Vehicular Tracking at Urban Scale

Undergrad Research Mentoring

No. Semester Names No. Semester Names
1. S2020 Bliss Y Hu 13. S2018 JiaMin Gong
2. S2020 Jianyu Qiu 14. S2018 Hersh Patel
3. S2020 Maya Ravichandran 15. S2018 Kaitlin Taylor
4. S2020 Dengpan Yuan 16. S2018 Jia You
5. F2019 Bliss Y Hu 17. S2018 Tsunming Yu
6. S2019 Yao Yongle 18. F2017 Jiaxu Su
7. F2019 Yao Yongle 19. F2017 Diana Navarro
8. S2019 Bliss Y Hu 20. F2017 Xiaofa Lin
9. S2019 Boyang Fu 21. F2017 Jiwei Chen
10. F2018 Boyang Fu 22. S2017 Ishan Patel
11. F2018 Xingcheng Rong 23. S2017 Lawrence Park
12. F2018 Tongle Yao 24. S2017 Olaolu Emmanuel