CS Senior Capstone Projects and Registration

You are here because you are interested in signing up for the senior capstone course sequence, CS 495 in Fall + CS 496 in Spring.
Here are the course details, including credits awarded which may also be used toward fulfilling the CS Honors graduation requirements.

You need to take the following steps to sign up for the capstone sequence:

  1. Pick a project from a list of projects offered by professors. See below.
  2. Directly contact the faculty mentor who is listed as the mentor for your project of choice.
  3. Get approval from them and then contact Prof. Venugopal (the capstone coordinator) for an SPN.

Capstone projects offered by professors


Specifying and enforcing security policies through operating system kernel extensions

Hardening the operating system verification infrastructure (with Prof. Santosh Nagarakatte)

Optimizing program performance with safety guarantees

A computer hardware accelerator for satisfiability and artificial intelligence


Understanding the capabilities and limitations of beyond-binary states in quantum computing


Correctly rounded and efficient Math libraries


Making Homomorphic Encryption Practical


Genome folding and function: from DNA base pairs to nucleosome arrays and chromosomes
(Using computing techniques)


Ribosome folding and function: from RNA base pairs to protein delivery
(Using computing techniques)


Computational genomics resource development for cancer diagnostics

(You can see the projects that students worked on in 2022-23 here)