CS 515 Policies

Academic Integrity

The goal of this course is to learn. Collaboration is encouraged. However, you should not copy the actual code for programming assignments, the reviews or copy the wording for written homeworks. Any violation of these rules will be considered cheating and dealt with severely. Here are the links to the Rutgers University Academic Integrity Policy and the Department of Computer Science Integrity Policy.

Grading Policies

The grading will be performed according to the following distribution:

  • Prog. assignments 70%

  • Midterm 10%

  • Final 15%

  • Class participation 5%

  • Few rules:

    • Lecture attendance is important.

    • Assignments have to be done individually.

    • All assignment related emails should be sent via discussion forums on sakai.

    • All individual-specific questions should be sent with the string “515” at the beginning of the subject field of the email.

    • Any assignment that does not compile will get zero credit.