Robert Toth
Telecommunications Analyst
Under Construction - Traffic Fines Doubled

LCSR IT Computing Facility

Hardware, Networking, and Operations Systems Support


I am a Telecommunications Analyst for the LCSR Computing Facility. I am also in charge of the LCSR-CF Network and Hardware Systems Support shop, aka "Sanctuary". Here in Sanctuary, we do hardware, network and wireless support for the Department of Computer Science as well as network infrastructure and wireless support for Industrial Engineering, Mathmatics and Dimacs.

The Shop handles all hardware and networking for the Department of Computer Science. This includes all servers, desktop workstations, public workstations, printers and switches. We support multiplatforms of hardware including Sun Microsystems, Dell Computers, Cisco Systems and Hewlett Packard. The shop is located in the CoRE Building, room 234. To report any type of problem with either your desktop machine, LAWN wireless, printers, DCIS dialups, or server problems, please send email to help. That site is for DCS and Math only.

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Mailing Address
Robert Toth
Telecommunications Analyst
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
110 Frelinghuysen Road
LCSR Computing Facility - Rm 230
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854-8019
CoRE Building
Room 230
Phone - Fax Numbers
Office: 848 445 2260
FAX: 732 445 0538
Email: rtoth@cs.Rutgers.EDU.

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