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Keycard Policy for DCS Graduate Students Effective 9/98 - Revised 4/1/02

All New Graduate student keycards can be picked up from Hill Center room 302. This is for general grad students and grad TA's. These keycards will give access to all DCS public rooms (terminal rooms and printer rooms). Please do not loan this card out to anyone. If you are caught loaning the card out your keycard access privileges will be revoked until you come and speak to Don Smith (Director of LCSR) and myself (Robert Toth). Replacement keycards are $5.00 per keycard. This is a refundable deposit so long as the keycards has not been altered in any way, shape or form. This includes but is not limited to: Punching holes in it to fit on a keyring, cutting off corners, cutting off broken sections, writing on it, etc. Any lost, stolen or broken cards should be reported to keycards@cs. and will cost $5.00 to replace.

Here is a list of public labs and rooms Grad keycards can access:

CoRE Building

  • 301B - Kitchen
  • The following rooms/labs now use your RUConnect ID card

  • 302 - core3 Printer Room
  • Hill Center

  • 350 - Graduate Lounge
  • 354 - General Grad Terminal Room (Linux and Mac OS)
  • 381 - hill3 Printer Room
  • 421 - lp4 Printer Room
  • 248 - Cereal Lab (20 PC's running Linux)
  • 250 - Soup Lab (20 PC's running Linux)
  • 252 - Pasta Lab (16 PC's running Linux)

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