Week 12: Protection and Security

Lecture notes:

Firewalls - lecture notes

System protection slides ( 6 per page)
Firewalling Slides (6 per page)
VPN slides (6 per page)

Recitation notes:

Supplemental notes:

Web Security: Are You Part Of The Problem? &emdash; Smashing Magazine

Enter the secure shell

Wikipedia article on spyware

Domains of protection, access rights, access matrix, access control lists (ACLs), capabilities, dictionary attack, social engineering, trojan horse, sequence number attack, SYN flooding, worm, virus, denial of service attack (DoS), distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), botnets, key loggers, rootkits

identification, authentication, authorization, virus scanner, signed software,

packet filter/screening router, stateless inspection, stateful inspection, application proxy, dual-homed host, bastion host, access router, choke router, screened subnet, VPN, tunnel,