Week 9,10: Cryptography, secure communication

Lecture notes:

lecture notes

These notes are from the slides I presented during lecture - multiple slides were used for pseudo-animation to show the sequence of encryption. I've truncated some of them to keep the presentation shorter.

Intro to cryptography - Lecture slides (6 per page)
Cryptographic Communication lecture slides (6 per page)

Recitation notes:

Supplemental notes:
Crypto FAQ , RSA Labs
Why Cryptography Is Harder Than It Looks, Bruce Schneier.
Snake Oil Warning Signs: Encryption Software to Avoid
Biometrics: Truths and Fictions, Crypto-Gram Newsletter, August 15, 1998
One-Time Pads, Crypto-Gram NewsletterL: October 15, 2002.
The Lorenz Cipher and how Bletchley Park Broke it, by Tony Sale: an insight into how a pseudo-one-time-pad system was broken.

Self-Study Course in block Cipher Cryptanalysis, Bruce Schneier, Cryptologia, v. 24, n. 1, Jan 2000, pp. 18-34.
An overview of existing literature on block-cipher cryptanalysis.

encryption, decryption, plaintext, ciphertext, cryptographic algorithm, restricted cipher, cipher, key, symmetric algorithm, public key algorithm, one-way functions, hash function, encrypted hash, public keys, private keys, hash collision, stream cipher, block cipher, substitution ciphers, Caesar cipher, frequency analysis, polyalphabetic cipher, transposition ciphers, rotor machines, one-time pads, DES, meet-in-the-middle attack, triple-DES, secure communication, key exchange, Diffie-Hellman, exponential key exchange, session key, RSA, hybrid cryptosystems, digital signatures, arbitrated protocols, trusted third party.