Week 11: Secure communication and authentication protocols

Lecture notes:
See the cryptography notes for a discussion of authentication.
Authentication slides (6 per page)
Smart Cards, Biometrics, & CAPTCHA slides (6 per page)

Recitation notes:

Supplemental notes:

Some light reading on the PBS web site: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/decoding/. Lots of references, including a shockwave simulation of an Enigma machine.

Chapter 2: A Primer on Biometric Technolog, RAND Corporation, Army Biometric Applications. ISBN/EAN: 0-8330-2985-1
(The full 225-page document is here).
Brief article on CAPTCHA
Battling the Bots, by Lee Bruno, Scientific American, November 2003. A somewhat longer article on CAPTCHA.

authentication, two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication, reusable passwords, one-time passwords, Skey authentication, challenge/response authentication, SecurID, SKID2/SKID3 authentication, nonce, public key authentication, Diffie-Hellman exponential key exchange, Kerberos, sealed envelopes/tickets,

ISO authentication framework, X.509 certificates (digital certificates), certification authority (CA), certificate chaining, SSL, biometrics, statistical pattern recognition, Receiver Operator Curve (ROC), false accepts, false rejects, robustness, distinctiveness, pattern matching, smart cards.