10 March 2023Using 10M dataset to evaluate. Leaderboard cleaned up.
20 February 2023Registartion is open. Leaderboard available.
15 February 2023The new contest page is up!

Student teams from degree-granting institutions are invited to compete in the annual SIGMOD Programming Contest. This year, the subject of the contest is Approximate K-nearest-neighbor Graph Construction in high dimensional space. Teams' submissions will be judged on their performance on a multi-million-scale dataset.

The winning team will be awarded a prize of $2,000 (USD), and there will be an additional prize of $1,000 (USD) for the runner-up. Each group in the Finalists has one member eligible to receive a travel grant to attend the SIGMOD 2023 Conference. Prize money is donated by Microsoft.

This year's contest is brought to you by the DB Group at Rutgers University and the Chu Data Lab at Georgia Tech. The organizing team is made up of Dong Deng (co-chair), Xu Chu (co-chair), Chaoji Zuo, Zhizhi Wang, and Zhencan Peng.

Task Overview

For this year's contest, the task is to build an approximate K-NN Graph for a set of vectors. The approximate K-NN Graph is a directed graph with vertex set V and for each vertex v, it is connected to its approximate k nearest neighbor under one given similarity measure, such as Euclidean distance.

For this task, you are asked to construct one approximate K-NN Graph for one dataset, which contains a set of high-dimensional vectors and the distance between vectors are measured by Euclidean distance. The challenge here is to design one efficient algorithm to construct the approximate K-NN graph in a limited time.

More details about this year's task can be found on the Task page.

Important Dates

15 February 2023 New site up. Contest requirements specification and datasets available.
20 February 2023
Team registration begins. Leaderboard available.
10 March 2023
Submissions will be evaluated by 10M dataset.
15 April 2023
Final submission deadline (Eastern Standard Time).
20 April 2023 Finalists notified.
18-23 June 2023 ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2023 Conference.



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