I am a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Rutgers University advised by Richard Martin and Santosh Nagarakatte.

I received my B.S. in Computer Science from Rutgers University where I focused on enhancing the trustworthiness and transparency of voting methods with Amélie Marian.

Prior to that I developed a research platform for autonomous vehicles under the supervision of Jingang Yi.


My research lies at the intersection of computer architecture and programming languages.


A Case for In-situ Hardware Development
Alborz Jelvani, Richard P. Martin, Santosh Nagarakatte
LATTE, 2024
paper / video
Identifying Possible Winners in Ranked Choice Voting Elections with Outstanding Ballots
Alborz Jelvani, Amelie Marian
HCOMP, 2022
paper / code
Coordinated Pose Control of Mobile Manipulation With an Unstable Bikebot Platform
Feng Han, Alborz Jelvani, Jingang Yi, Tao Liu
TMech Vol 27, 2022
paper / video
Autonomous Scaled Race-Car Platform for Safe Aggressive Vehicle Maneuvers (RU-Racer)
Honorable Mention, Student Design Competition
Alborz Jelvani, Dimitri Duma, Aliasghar Arab, Kuo Chen, Jiaxing Yu, Jingang Yi
AIM, 2020
poster / code1 / code2
Development of a Bikebot with Mobile Manipulator for Evaluation and Intervention Systems for Densely-Grown Horticultural Crops
Alborz Jelvani, Merrill Edmonds, Yongbin Gong, Jingang Yi
AIM, 2020
poster / code


Nokia Bell Labs, Research Intern, May.2022 - Aug.2022 → Outstanding Innovation Award

Placed 3/275 interns in the Nokia Global Student Program. Developed methods for cloud enabled multi-robot path planning using homomorphic encryption. I was advised by Ali Arab and Ilija Hadzic.

Teaching (TA)


I enjoy traveling and photography.