Jump drives under Fedora Core 2

Jump drives under Fedora Core 2

USB flash memory drives (variously called jump drives, pen drives, thumb drives, USB keys) are handy devices, but need a little setup by the system administrator before they can be used under Fedora Core 2.

On the DCS faculty and research Linux machines running Fedora Core 2, they can be accessed as one of /mnt/removable/usba, /mnt/removable/usbb, /mnt/removable/usba1 or /mnt/removable/usbb1. The actual name varies depending on the machine, so you will have to experiment.

These drives don't show up on a df when plugged in unless they're actually in use. Also, "ls /mnt/removable" will not show anything there. You must type out the complete name of the device.

Note: Since these devices are formated with windows filesystems, files and directories on them are world-readable and -writable. It is therefore inadvisable to leave one plugged in if you have anything valuable or private on it. The ephemeral nature of their mounts is an advantage in this respect.

This page last updated January 31, 2005.