As you may have noticed, TeX and laTeX have changed with the move off older versions of Solaris. The version of TeX now available is called teTex. It it different from the previous version we had under older Solarises.

The first difference you will probably notice is that the TEXINPUTS variable has changed. Both the contents and meaning have changed. Previously, the contents of TEXINPUTS was added to the default search path for libraries. Now, it replaces that search path. The simplest workaround to get your previously working document source working again is to undefine TEXINPUTS and specify your private libraries by full pathname.

There is now no one on our staff who is a TeX user. Our previous TeX support person moved to RUCS several years ago. He has been kind enough to answer any technical questions we had in the past even though it was no longer in his job description. But as of Summer, 2002, he has been laid off. All our TeX knowledge now lies in our user community.

Less experienced users are now coming across problems already solved by our more experienced users (the TEXINPUTS problem being an example). We propose to pool our users' knowledge to the benefit of all our users. We would like all our TeX/laTeX users to join a mailing list to share their problems and solutions. To keep the list low volume, I will maintain a list of FAQs from the list. Hopefully, the list and the FAQ will both be low volume. To join the new mailing list, send an email to

with the command
     SUBSCRIBE TETEX_USERS <your full name>
(where "<your full name>" is replaced with your name -- not your email address) in the body of the message. The list is private (that is, no one can send to the list without being a member). Once you have subscribed, you will be able to send messages to the list at TETEX_USERS@EMAIL.RUTGERS.EDU.
This page last updated January 2, 2003.