soffice script

soffice script

Recent users of Mozilla under Linux have found that their ability to run Star Office under their mail reader has broken under Solaris. This is because Mozilla registers the Linux version of Open Office to handle the same files. When on Solaris, attempts to run the registered ~/.rhopenoffice1.1/soffice, which is a link to the Linux location of soffice, the user sees an error something like
    sh: /fac/users/username/.rhopenoffice1.1/soffice: not found
    Command failed: /fac/users/username/.rhopenoffice1.1/soffice

A simple script put in the place of the link at ~/.rhopenoffice1.1/soffice will find soffice in the correct place under either operating system.

To use this script, download it to your home directory, then execute the following commands (assuming you've called it "soffice"):

    chmod 755 soffice				# make script executable
    rm .rhopenoffice1.1/soffice			# remove the link
    mv soffice .rhopenoffice1.1/soffice		# put this in its place

This page last updated October 22, 2004.