Outgoing SMTP restrictions

Outgoing SMTP restrictions

The prevalence email viruses on the internet beginning in August, 2003, has forced RUCS's Telecommuncations Division to restrict outgoing SMTP connections for hosts in Rutgers private address space. RESNET (Rutgers dorm network) hosts are in Rutgers's private address space. Privately addressed machines are not easily identified when connecting to machines outside Rutgers, so TD has restricted SMTP connections to a few known hosts:

LCSR has long restricted what it will do for SMTP requests originating outside of Rutgers and advised that ISP users use their ISP's own SMTP server for outgoing mail. Indeed, some ISPs already require you to use their own SMTP servers, blocking outgoing SMTP connections themselves.

Outgoing and incoming mail connections for your mail reader are entirely different protocols (SMTP vs. POP or IMAP), so routing your outgoing mail through specific servers should be no more inconvenient than it has been for our home ISP users for years.

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