Shared accounts

Shared accounts on the DCS faculty cluster are implemented via .rhosts. To authorize a user to be able to rsh or rlogin to the shared account (eg, pseudouser), place an entry in ~pseudouser/.rhosts indicating the hostname from which they will be coming and their username. It should look like this: user
You can specify any hosts in the DCS faculty cluster.

You can then login from the specified host with the command

    rsh -l pseudouser hostname
(where hostname is any host in the faculty cluster) to get a login in the current window, or
    xrsh -l pseudouser hostname
to open a new window logged in as pseudouser.

Users sharing the account can either log into it to read email sent to the shared account or use ~pseudouser/.forward to redistribute it. If you would like two other people to receive email sent to pseudouser, ~pseudouser/.forward should look something like this:

    user1, user2
If you want to be able to reply from the shared user, it will have to receive copies of the email too. ~pseudouser/.forward should then look something like this:
    \pseudouser, user1, user2

This page last updated January 9, 2001.