Mail aliases

Mail aliases

Interested in an email address like   or

There is a system now in place where mail for any userid sent to will be forwarded to the email address registered for that user in the Rutgers Online Directory. So if your current email address is, mail to will be automatically forwarded to you. (Faculty/staff can change the email address registered for you by going to the Address Update form.)

It is also possible to set up another alias, say to be forwarded to you. To set up or modify such forwarding, go to Manage Your Email Address and Alias. You should login with your NetID and RCI password. On that page, you can choose up to two personalized aliases and designate where mail sent to these aliases should be delivered.

Note: It is advisable to set only one personalized email address for regular usage. This is so if you want to change your personalized alias, you can leave the old one in place during a transition period until everyone is using the new alias. (It is only possible to have two personalized email aliases at a time.)

This page last updated June 25, 2013.