Using IMAP with pine

Most new mail readers (eg, Netscape and Internet Explorer) can now be configured to read mail remotely using a service called IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). This is convenient, as you can now keep your mail in a single place and access it from many machines in different locations (eg, from home and the office).

Some people have discovered that pine is a simple text-based mail program which can deal with the same sets of files you use with the above programs. However, it is not advisable to use pine while also using IMAP-based mail programs. This is because while two IMAP-based mail programs will be able to cooperate with locking and modifying the mail files involved, our default configuration of pine uses different locking.

If you want to use pine while also using IMAP-based mail programs, here's how:

You have now configured pine to use IMAP to access both your incoming mail and your mail folders. pine should now peacefully and cooperatively coexist with other IMAP-based mail programs.
If you'd rather just edit your .pinerc file, you can change the line
line to
     folder-collections=Mail {}mail/[]
and the line
But if you don't like the pine user interface that much, you probably shouldn't be using pine.
This page last updated June 25, 1999.