PBS Funding Chain Letter petition The following was forwarded to me by Gil Hurlbut, ghurlbut@usa.net, for inclusion in my Chain Letter page:
>  From: root@goldng8.univnorthco.edu
>  Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 15:16:01 -0700 (MST)
>  Subject: Re: Petition from univnorthco
>  To: Gil Hurlbut <ghurlbut@usa,net>
>  The petition you received from wein2688 concerning funding for PBS was
>  initiated over 2 years ago by 2 freshman here who had good intentions but
>  poor methodology.  Electronic signatures are virtually useless.
>  One of the students, wein2688, left the school after 1 semester because
>  the reaction to this "junk mail" was so adverse.  And for more than 2
>  years we have been trying to slay this beast.  It just refuses to die.
>  Please help use to kill this thing by NOT sending it to anyone anuwhere
>  Just delete it.  If you do want to help PBS, contact the local PBS station
>  or write to your congressman to voice your concerns.  
>  Dutch Mulhern
>  Information Services
>  University of Northern Colorado
>  Subj:    NEA, PBS FUNDING
>  SUBJECT:  Doing our public duty
>         Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 11:26:31 EST
>       Please read, sign and forward to others.
>       Please keep this petition rolling. Do not reply to me. Please
>  sign and
>  forward to others to sign. If you prefer not to sign please send to the
>  e-mail address indicated or return to me. Thanks.
>       This petition is being passed around the internet. Please add your
>       name to it so that funding can be  maintained for the NEA, NPR &
>       PBS.      Here goes:
>       This is being forwarded to several people at once to add their
>  names
>  to the petition.  It won't matter if many people receive the same
>       list as the names are being managed.
>       This is for anyone who thinks NPR/PBS is a worthwhile expenditure
>       of  $1.12/year of their taxes, a petition follows.  If you sign,
>  please forward on to others (not back to me).  If not, please don't
>  kill it
>       -- send it to the email address listed here: 
>  <wein2688@blue.univn>
>       PBS, NPR (National Public Radio), and the arts are facing major
>       cutbacks in funding.  In spite of the efforts of each station to
>       reduce spending costs and streamline their services, some
>  government
>       officials believe that the funding currently going to these
>  programs
>       is too large a portion of funding for something which is seen as
>  not
>       worthwhile. Currently, taxes from the general public for PBS equal
>       $1.12 per person per year, and the National Endowment for the Arts
>       equals $.64 a year.
>       A January 1995 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll indicated that 76% of
>       Americans wish to keep funding for PBS, third only to national
>  defense  and law enforcement as the most valuable programs for federal
>  funding.
>       Each year, the Senate and House Appropriations committees each
>  have
>       13 subcommittees with jurisdiction over many programs and
>  agencies.
>       Each subcommittee passes its own appropriation bill.  The goal
>  each
>       year is to have each bill signed by the beginning of the fiscal
>       year, which is October 1.
>       The only way that our representatives can be aware of the base of
>       support for PBS and funding for these types of programs is by
>       making our voices heard.
>       Please add your name to this list and forward it to friends if you
>       believe in what we stand for. This list will be forwarded to the
>       President of the United States, the Vice President of the United
>       States, and Representative Newt Gingrich, who is the instigator of
>       the action to cut funding to these worthwhile programs.
>       *If you happen to be the 150th, 200th, 250th, etc. signer of
>       this petition, please forward a copy to:
>       <wein2688@blue.univnorthco.edu>.
>       This way we can keep track of the lists and organize them. 
>  Forward
>       this to everyone you know, and help us to keep these programs
>       alive.
>       Thank you.
>       --------------------------------------------------------
>       NOTE:  It is preferable that you SELECT the  entirety of this
>  letter
>       and then COPY it into a new outgoing message  rather than simply
>       forwarding it.
>       --------------------------------------------------------

See also http://www.snopes.com/politics/arts/nea.asp

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