Printing to osterman

Printing to osterman

osterman is the HP DesignJet 775CM plotter/printer in CoRE 302. It is big (producing output 36 inches wide), dumb (very particular about its input, minimal about information it provides, and very willing to waste paper) and beautiful (just check out the output).


Since supplies are so expensive for this printer, access is restricted. All printing is funneled through porthos. In the most restricted state, printing to it is limited to a specified set of users and machines. Sometimes, the printing is even turned off, requiring operator (or sysprog) intervention. Restrictions are sometimes relaxed, as when we are preparing for an open house.

If you are having a problem printing to osterman and you think it is due to a restrictions problem (eg, you are getting an authorization error), send email to help@cs

Printing to osterman from a PC

(This info supplied by Hanz Makmur). We have had success printing with the following method:

Matias Cuenca Acuna has prepared a page on using Microsoft Visio to print to osterman.
This page last updated November 13, 2005.