This was forwarded to me for inclusion in my chain letter site.
Please mention this chain letter on your site. It is yet another
well-intended petition asking people to forward the message to after XXX signatures. Of course, that mailbox is full and
bounces. Surprisingly, I can't find "AllRUnique" debunked in a
message or on the web (except in messages that reproduce the chain letter).

I sent a message to asking them to put a bounce message on
that address instead informing people that noone is collecting these
petitions, and that email petitions don't work.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, November 01, 1999 10:51 PM
Subject: Hate Crimes Prevention Act

        Gay Rights
        Thu, 28 Oct 1999 11:48:26 -0400 (EDT)


On October 6, outside Laramie, Wyoming, Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old
University of Wyoming student, was tortured, beaten, and left tied to a

in the freezing cold.  Six days later, he died of his wounds in Poudre
Valley Hospital, Fort Collins, Colorado.  Matthew was murdered because
was gay and because he was a prominent and charismatic member of the gay


lesbian student group on campus.

Right now Wyoming and Colorado have no anti-hate crime laws; the state
legislature in Wyoming has voted down anti-bias bills for each of the
past three years. There is an effort in Wyoming and Colorado to enact
Matthew Shepard Laws, which would strongly punish the perpetrators of

This petition demands the broadening of federal anti-hate crime law.

Opening Statement:
"We state strongly that violence on the basis of sexual orientation,
race or

gender is wrong, is evil, is reprehensible."
John Buehren, President of The Unitarian Universalist speaks for
Universalists, but his words are reflected in the hearts of people
everywhere who believe we must speak out, take action against, and
hate crimes in all their ugly forms.

A resolution follows:
WHEREAS: We affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every
WHEREAS: We commend the efforts of those individuals who dedicate their
lives to causes of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
That we hereby urge the passage of The Hate Crimes Prevention Act
H.R.3081 and S.1529. The Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA), H.R.3081 and

S.1529, would amend current federal law(which permits federal
prosecution of

a hate crime only if the crime was motivated by bias based on religion,
national origin, or color) to include real or perceived sexual
gender, and disability so the FBI would be able to investigate and

violent hate crimes against gays, lesbians, and bisexuals.

Under this bill, hate crimes that cause death or bodily injury because
prejudice can be investigated federally, regardless of whether the
was exercising a federally protected right.

The only way that our representatives can be aware of the base of
for this change to the current law is by making our voices heard.

Please add your name to this petition and pass it on, to then be
to the President of The United States; the Vice President of the United
States; and our United States Senators and House Members.

Petition Management:
1.      This petition is being passed around the Internet. Please add
name to it so that we can have tougher laws against all hate crimes.

keep the petition rolling. Do not reply to me. Please sign and send it
others to sign. This is being sent to several people at once to add
names. It will not matter if many people receive the same list as the
are being managed.
2.      If you print out this petition for circulation and signing,
email the listing of names with locations to the email address: <>
<> >  (an email address created to receive this


Include a note to indicate you have a hand-signed petition and include
number of names listed.
3.      If you happen to be the 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th, 250th, (...)

on this petition, please forward a copy to the above
4.      If you sign, please pass it on to others. If not, please do not

it. Send it on to the email address: <>
<> >
Thank You
Leslie Palmer

I cannot stay silent, my outrage and compassion will not allow. Add a

and sign at the bottom of this list.
1)      Leslie Palmer, Jacksonville, FL
2)      Stephen Silverman, South Burlington, VT
3)      Wayne Arnason
4)      Theo Diamond, Charlottesville, Va
5)      Sasha Kopf, Northampton, MA / Princeton, NJ
6)      Geoffrey B. Metz, Tufts Univ., Medford, MA
7)      Emily Sporl, Tufts University, Medford, MA
8)      Tai Collins, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
9)      Danielle Lazarin, Oberlin College, Oberlin,OH
10)     Priscilla Morales, Yale University, New Haven,CT
11)     Lydia Pace, Yale University, New Haven, CT
12)     Julia Goren, Williams College, Williamstown, MA
13)     Jamie Waxman, Columbia University
14)     Rebecca Zimmerman, Columbia University, NY
15)     Ariel Meyerstein, Columbia University, NY
16)     Naomi Richman, Goucher College, MD
17)     Aaron Finkel, University of Missouri-Columbia, MO
18)     Sally Noedel, Truman State Univ., Kirksville, MO
19)     Kim Cook, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
20)     Molly Mitchell, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
21)     Jeremy Schwab, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
22)     Aaron Manheim, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
23)     Rebecca Pronsky, Oberlin College,Oberlin,OH
24)     Rebecca Milburn, Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, CT
25)     Christene DeJong, Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, CT
26)     Lisa Lapman, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
27)     Julia Sussner, Wellesley College, MA
28)     Adrian Dellecker, Trinity College, CT
29)     Sarah Mullen, Trinity College, CT
30)     Phu Thai, University of Rhode Island,Kingston,RI
31)     Leigh Phillips, Wheaton College, Norton, MA
32)     Domi> nic Rozzi, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
33)     Matthew Small, Heidelburg College,Tiffin OH
34)     Linda Roach, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
35)     Julian Halliday, Schlumberger AS, Columbus, OH
36)     Elizabeth Wohler, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
37)     Susan Gordon, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
38)     Heidi Cook, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
39)     Ariel Spira-Cohen, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
40)     Kerry Maxwell, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY
41)     Emma McLaren, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY
42)     Michelle Marsidi, Brown University, Providence, RI
43)     Eliana Garcia, Connecticut College, New London, CT
44)     Jaime Viola, Farmington, CT
45)     Ryan Ihrke, Luther College, Decorah, IA
46)     Perry-O Sliwa, Luther College, Decorah, IA
47)     Gui Dall'Stella, New York, NY
48)     Abdul Knowles, Dain Rauscher Inc.
49)     Gerry Petersen, St. ANsgar Schools, St., Ansgar, IA
50)     Lori Hagen, Luther College, Decorah, IA
51)     Jennifer Kirking, Prairie du Chien, WI
52)     Regina Check, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
53)     Sara Guidotti, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
54)     Camella Dimitri, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
55)     C.M.Ralph, Redwood City, CA
56)     Sarah E. Tigerman, Redwood City, CA
57)     Karen R. Zachow, San Francisco, CA
58)     Sara Jorde, Minneapolis, MN
59)     Don Sommers, Minneapolis, MN
60)     Shawn Allison, St. Paul, MN
61)     Christine Cucciarre, Cleveland, OH
62)     Frank Cucciarre, Cleveland, OH
63)     Karen Jewell-Kett, Cleveland, OH
64)     Ronald L. Buford, Cleveland, OH
65)     David S. Slobodien, DC., West Hollywood, CA.
66)     Patrick Casey, MD, Los Angeles, CA
67)     Cristian Cifuentes, West Hollywood, CA
68)     Gary Jimenez, Montebello, CA
69)     Paige Van Riper, Playa del Rey, CA
70)     Helena Delu, Altadena, CA
71)     Edward E. Boughton III, Ventura CA
72)     Edward Mitchell, Los Angeles CA
73)     Monica Mitchell, Los Angeles, CA
74)     Jack Shih, Los Angeles, CA
75)     Eva Aguilera, Los Angeles, CA
76)     Natasha Gerasimova, Venice, CA
77)     Andreas Sengebusch, Encino, CA
78)     Melissa Ruggeri, Studio City, CA
79)     Mary Bredlau, Dallas TX
80)     L.A.Ragland, Dallas, TX
81)     Jackie McShane, Dallas, TX
82)     Richard Clayton, Dallas, TX
83)     Tammi D.Baker, Houston, TX
84)     Adam Glick, Boston, MA
85)     Jeremy Glick, Greenwich, CT
86)     Stacey Smith, New Canaan, CT
87)     Robin Bouvier, Boxborough, MA
88)     Kari Rusing, Norwalk, CT
89)     Melissa Brown, Washington, DC
90)     Tanya Burrwell, Washington, DC
91)     Alberto Figueroa-Garcia, Washington, DC
92)     Charlie Buquet, Santa Cruz, Ca
93)     Tracy Ballard, Santa Cruz, CA
94)     Marcus Kettles, NYC, NY
95)     Paul Pecorino, NYC, NY
96)     Jamie Sanford, Gainesville, FL
97)     Beryl Firestone, Tampa, FL
98)     Ryan Goldenberg, Tampa, FL
99)     David Niersbach, Richmond, IN
100)    Sara Parliament, Richmond, IN
101)    Erin Walker, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
102)    Amber Armstrong, Colorado Springs, CO
103)    Ginger Kite, Colorado Springs, CO
104)    Matt Joiner, Boulder, CO
105)    Anya Domlesky, Portland, OR
106)    Caitlin Carlson, Portland, OR
107)    Janel Wright, Portland, Ore.
108)    Charlene Ongelungel, Portland, OR
109)    Muranda Brooker, Portland, OR
110)    Tera Cushman, Portlant OR
111)    Rachel Greenough, Portland, OR
112)    Stephanie Nicora, Pebble Beach, CA
113)    Julie Goetzen, San Diego, CA
114)    Dana Ung, San Diego, CA
115)    Sirena Ung, San Diego, CA
116)    Keri LaPrise, Templeton, MA
117)    Jared Graves, Otter River, MA
118)    Amanda LeGay, Fitchburg , Ma
119)    Joshua Berg, West Bloomfield MI
120)    Michael Canner, West Bloomfield MI
       130)    Anna Peterson, West Bloomfield, MI
       131)    Lindsay McFedries, Bloomfield Hills, MI
       132)    Kathleen Jimbo, West Bloomfield, MI
       133)    Justine Yeung, Beverly Hills, MI
       134)    J. Blaine Piraneo, Manalapan, NJ
       135)    Timothy Arnold, Colonia, NJ
       136)    Sara Okun, Linden, NJ
       137)    Steven Rosete Woodbridge, VA
       138)    Carolyne Williams, Fairfax Station, VA
       139)    Lauren Shelton, Fairfax Station, VA
       140)    John H. Beyer IV, Chicago, IL.
       141)    Kathy Bianchi, Chicago, IL
       142)    Ed Garza, Chicago, IL
       143)    Jonathan "Bumper" Carroll, Chicago, IL
       144)    Gillian Vigman, Chicago, IL
       145)    Ann Gradman, NY
       146)    Gary McDonnell, NY
       147)    Craig Retchless, NYC, NY
       148)    Valerie L. Retchless, Syracuse, NY
       149)    Anna Meade
       150)    Christopher Walton
       151)    Jennifer Moe, Eugene, OR
       152)    Shannon Bond, Seattle, WA
       153)    Karen Malia List, Seattle,WA
       154)    Kim Miskowicz, SF, CA
       155)    Shayne Spaulding, SF, CA
       156)    Tiela Chalmers, SF, CA
       157)    Paul Nemrow, SF, CA
       158)    Allen Sabourin, SF, CA
       159)    Jim Sherrill, SF, CA
       160)    Thom McDaniel, Houston, TX
       161)    Enrique Gonalez, Houston, TX
       162)    Will Browne, Moraga, CA >
       163)    Ken Nicholas, Nashville, TN.
       164)    Keifer Meeks, Nasvhille, TN
       165)    Vincent Wix, Nashville, TN
       166)    Jim Harper, Nashville, TN
       167)    Rick DeSlover, Nashville, TN
       168)    Kayte Watts, Portland,OR
       169)    Jeff Hays, Portland, OR
       170)    Jennifer Fowler, Vancouver, WA
       171)    Amy N. Haight, Vancouver, WA
       172)    Claire Colleen Rourk, Vancouver, WA
       173)    Kevin Schumacher, Medina, OH
       174)    Anthony D'Amato, Brick, NJ
       175)    GianCarlo Durland, Long Branch, New Jersey.
       176)    Eric Sharp, Los Angeles, California
       177)    Alyssa Boyle, Los Angeles, CA
       178)    Gene Michael Barrera, Los Angeles, CA
               179.) Karen Sperling, New York, N.Y.
       180)    Vicki Temkin, Encino, CA
       181)    David Skernick. West Hills, CA
       182)    Tony Donaldson, Sherman Oaks, CA
               183} Julie Gengo, San Diego, CA
       184)    Carolyn Gengo Di Domenico, NY, NY
       185)    Fabio Girelli-Carasi, New York, NY
       186)    Armando Rotondi, Pittsburgh, PA
       187)    Jim & Caroline Grindrod Madison WI
       188)    David Grindrod, Madison WI
       189)    Emily Engelland Wilson, Huntington, WV
       190)    Paula Choquette Rachal, Huntington, WV
       191)    Robert Tyler Rachal, Huntington, WV
       192)    S. Scott Hunter, Parkersburg, WV
       193)    Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr., Cincinnati, OH
       194)    Lisa R. Hughes, Cincinnati, OH
       195)    Sue Freedman, Cincinnati, OH
       196)    Milton L. Freiberg
       197)    Ed Flesch, San Francisco, CA
       198)    Robyn Breiman, Cincinnati, OH
       199)    Leslie Cannon, Cincinnati, OH
       200)    Elizabeth M. Levy, Cincinnati, OH
       201)    Dolores D. Galloway, Denver, CO
       202)    Joe & Millie Everett, Toronto, ON
       203)    Brad Cafarelli, West Hollywood, CA
       204)    Marc Hulett, Marina del Rey, CA
       205)    Tim Tomlinson, Seattle, WA
       206)    Steven B. Johnson, San Diego, CA
       207)    Tom Trainor, Seattle, WA
       208)    Brad Turner, Seattle, WA
       209)    Alphonce J. Brown, Jr., Houston, TX
       210)    Daniel R. Zorn, Houston, TX
       211)    Margaret O'Donnell, Houston, TX
       212)    Banghwa Lee Casado, Houston, TX
               213)Peter V. Nguyen, Houston, TX
       214)    Ann McKithan, Houston, TX
       215)    Geri Davis, Houston, TX
       216)    Mark Siskel, Houston, TX
       217)    Chris Lewis, Houston, TX
       218)    John L. Alexander, Los Angeles, CA
       219)    John Musser, San Francisco, CA
       220)    Greg Birdsall, West Hollywood, CA
       221)    Brett Klein, West Hollywood, CA
       222)    Ernst Laurel, Los Angeles, CA
       223)    Jenny Campbell, West Toluca Lake, CA
       224)    Lori Korngiebel, Los Angeles, CA
       225)    Julie S. Gabler, Los Angeles, CA
       226)    Ashley C. Swanson, Denton, TX
       227)    Anne K. Swanson, Aurora, CO
               228)Kelly D. Gerald, Miami Beach, FL
       229)    Elaine M. Allen, Miramar, Fl
       230)    Andrew Briskin, Hollywood, CA
       231)    Austin Foxxe, Los Angeles, CA
       232)    Erica Springer, West Hollywood, CA
       233)    Orly Ravid, Hollywood CA
       234)    Ellen Flanders, New York, NY
       235)    Susan Flanders, New York, NY
       236)    Ira Unterman, Lakewood, CA
       237)    Miriam Van Raalte, Orange, CA
       238)    Marilyn Roberts, Brea, CA
       239)    Karen Roberts, Atascadero, CA
       240)    Lori Hanson, Alameda, CA
       241)    John Sheridan, Oakland, CA
       242)    J. Steven Brown, West Palm Beach, FL
       243)    Sozan Peter Schellin, San Francisco, CA
       244)    Hilary Anne Exon, Kensington, CA
       245)    Corry Wagner, San Rafael, CA
       246)    Sarah Pecora, San Francisco, CA
       247)    John Dominguez, Kensington, CA
       248)    George Clark, San Francisco, CA
       249)    Damian Pickering, Berkeley, CA
       250)    Chris McKee, Oakland, CA
       251)    Nancy Edwards, Washington, D.C.
       252)    Rhonda Y. Williams, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland,
       253)    Rachel R. Chapman, Cleveland, Ohio
       254)    Hilary Blair, Denver, CO
       255)    Ann-Rebecca Laschever, NYC
       256)    Patrick Soran, Denver, CO
       257)    John Kayser, Denver, CO
       258)    Craig E. Dietz, Denver, CO
       259)    Peter Hale, New York, NY
       260)    Jeerry Aronson, Boulder, CO
       261)    Amanda Trosten-Bloom, Golden, CO
       262)    Linda Sorrento, Lakewood, CO
       263)    Patricia Trosclair, San Rafael, CA
264)    Crane Stephen Landis, Santa Monica, CA
       265)    Andrew W. Liao, University of California-Riverside,
Riverside, CA
       266)    Samantha Wettimuny, University of California-Riverside,
       267)    Joshua S. Blauvelt, San Diego State University, San
       268)    Carla Alvarez, Port Isabel, TX
       269)    Moriah Stetar, Port Isabel, TX
       270)    Roxanne Lopez, Port Isabel, TX
       271)    Chatch6219, Ingleside,TX
       272)    Summer Kelley, Seattle, WA
       273)    Tracey Kirby, Denver, CO
       274)    Diana Larson, Denver, CO
       275)    Jeannette A. Jenkins, Seattle, WA
       276)    Lea Elliott Sag Harbor, NY
       277)    Anne Longley, Sag Harbor, NY
       278)    Amy Suelzer, St. Louis, MO
       279)    Helen Sabol, Los Angeles, CA
       280)    Matthew Outcalt, San Francisco, CA
       281)    Cristin Russell, Littleton, CO
       282)    Ann Norkoli, Denver, CO
       283)    Jennifer Graham-Clark
       284)    Barry Phelps, Colo. Springs, CO
       285)    Milt Adamson, Phoenix, AZ
       286)    John Donato, University of Portland, Portland, OR
       287)    Milton A. Marini, Santa Cruz, CA
       288)    Louis Fortino, West Covina, Ca
       289)    R.H. Jensen, West Covina, ca.
       290)    John Waldo, Santa Ana, CA
       291)    Randy Pitt, Chino Hills, CA
       292)    Sid Tarpinian, Long Beach, CA
       293)    Kevin Benz, Signal Hill, CA
       294)    Daniel Cho, Signal Hill, CA
295.) Morgan Akridge, Torrance, Ca.
296.)Ty Dote, Long Beach, CA
297.) Matt Ketcham, Seattle, WA
298.) Patrick Carr, Seattle, W
299. Sandy Stonebreaker, Ocean Park, WA
300)    Brooke Battles, Oakland, CA
301)    Peggy Riley, Oakland, CA
302)    Jerry Brooner, San Francisco, CA
303)    Patrick Du, San Francisco, CA
304)    Kay Fernandez, Tustin Ranch, CA
305)    Thai Huynh, Irvine, CA
306)    Megan Gates; Newport Beach, CA
307)    Lesley Zalewski, San Francisco, CA
308) Eric Schorvitz, Stamford, CT
309) Jocelyn Schorvitz, Stamford, CT
310) Jennifer Soller, San Francisco, CA
311) Julie Soller, San Francisco, CA
312) Judy Thigpen, Oakland, CA
313) Corey Josleyn, Orange, CA
314) Suzanne Phillips, Houston, TX
315) Scott A. Cole, Houston, TX
316) Prentiss M. Jones, Houston, TX
317) Geoffrey L. Wheeler, Houston, TX
318) Pat Ellis, Houston, TX
319) Mike Ellis, Austin, TX
NOTE: It is preferable that you Select the entirety of this letter and
COPY it into a new outgoing message (rather than forward it), add your
to the list and then pass it on.

This file last edited November 2, 1999.