DCS faculty groups

Every user is a member of some set of groups. One group is assigned users by an entry in the /etc/passwd file, the rest by the /etc/group file. Groups are used for file and directory sharing purposes. (See "how to share a directory of files.")

Here at Rutgers, we also use groups for accounting purposes. A range of groups is designated as loginable groups. Users are assigned groups from this range to indicate the purpose of their presence on the machine. Without any loginable groups, a user cannot login.

Groups which are not designated loginable are used only for file sharing. A user with only file sharing groups will not be able to login.

The following table describes the groups used on the DCS faculty machines. Groups listed in boldface are loginable. The others are for file sharing purposes only. (The descriptions are what was given when the group was registered. If you would like to clarify the description of a group, please email watrous@cs.rutgers.edu.)

110adm-fgoelz110 TA
111adm-fvenugopa111 TA
211adm-f211 TA
314adm-fryder314 TA
416adm-ftdnguyen416 fall TA
503adm-skagarwal503 TA
516adm-sryder516 TA
519adm-sricardob519 TA
674adm-ftdnguyen674 fall
admissionsgrad-admissionsdcs admissions committee
allusersdefault group for all users - instead of users
aplsn349Export control for APL group of Prof. Nagarakatte
changanalryderIBM software control
cs-allenderallenderindependent study
cs-badribadristudent projects
cs-elgammalelgammalindependent study
cs-minskyminskystudent projects
cs-paidpaiindependent study
cs-steinberglouunsupported research
cs-uliuliindependent study
cs-vinodvinodgunsupported research
danfeng-grantsgrant application filesharing
dcs-adjunctassociate-chairDCS adjuncts
dcsotherchairdcs misc.
dcsstaffholtsDCS office staff
disco-factdnguyenDisco Lab file sharing -- faculty
discolabiftodeDisco Lab file sharing
dnm-grantsgrant application filesharing
edgryderEdison Design Group software control
emerituschairprofessor emeriti
execchairaccess to exec web pages
exstaffwatrousretired staff
faccompchairFaculty compensation work
facultychaircs faculty
fasipchairFASIP work
guestwatrousguest account
guestsyswatrousguest systems
hiringcomchairHiring Committee work
hotspotryderSUN HotSpot Java JVM Software Control
iperfuliintelligent performance estimation
isdpaiinteractive systems research group
kulikows-grantsgrant application filesharing
lcsrholtslcsr staff
lcsradmholtslcsr administrative file sharing
mosesminskydevelopment of the Moses toolkit
nlkrmccartyNatural Language and Knowledge Representation
panic-cvstdnguyenaccess to PANIC lab CVS repository
rmartin-grantsgrant application filesharing
ryderssrydergroup working with ryder
siemensryderSiemens software control
studsysdmottolcsr/rucs unix student systems
systemsrootoperations bboard access
tacacsbeingremovedTacacs terminal server (non-)account
tempwatroustemp account for problems during DCS faulty cluster partition, on ilab and grad for other reseasons
terminalcrispinlcsr/rucs unix terminal repair staff
tutordsmithAI-based physics tutoring
ugadvise-webgroupug-advisingundergraduate advising information
unsupported-softwaretdnguyenunsupported software maintenance group
villagemdstoneVision, Interaction, Language, Logic, and Graphics Environment (decarlo)
village-eamdstoneVillage group dealing with Electronic Arts data (decarlo)
villagermdstoneVillage group source access (decarlo)
visiting-facultychaircs guest faculty
webgroupdsmithShared WWW administration
workloadcomchairWorkload Committee work

This file last updated January 27, 2015.