Email transition

Email transition

On August 1, 2006, LCSR consolidated all user mail services onto a single mail server running on If you don't have a mail account on dragon, you don't receive mail on any of the LCSR administered machines.

Prior to this transition, each functional cluster of machines (eg, faculty, research, graduate, undergraduate, etc) provided mail services to its own set of users so it was possible for users with accounts on more than one cluster to have more than one mail address (and necessary for the user to read mail in more than one place or set up forwarding to a central location).

The decision to centralize our mail services came about for several reasons:

We began warning people of the impending transition May 1. Discussion of the details and instructions on what to do were posted on the web. Several mass mailings were sent out. Yet a number of people eligible for a dragon mail account have not created one.

There are two ways we can try to get in touch with our users via email. will work if the user has an email account on dragon; will work if the user has a working email address registered in the Rutgers Online Directory.


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