Disk space on faculty/research clusters

Disk space on faculty/research clusters

Users' home directories are located on the LCSR NetApp. Users are given quotas on the NetApp in order to minimize their impact both on other users on the same qtree (NetApp's version of a partition) and the smooth functioning of the NetApp itself. Should you find your initial quota too small, you can request additional space (please give an estimate of what you need) in an email to "help". (Our guideline for max quotas is 5GB for faculty, 3GB for researchers.)

Should you need large amounts of space, there are several options:

The first two options are available to users without staff intervention. Obviously, neither of those options is appropriate for storage of data which you would be seriously inconvenienced if you lost.

If you maintain your own disk space you would like to access, there are two options for access to your own filesystems:

This page last updated August 16, 2012.