By cutting and pasting the list of information needed, you should be able to supply all the information needed to create the partition. Here is a sample request:
     * It should be called: /farm/development
     * How much space you need ( multiple of 3GB): 6GB
     * Do you need backups: Yes
     * The cost as specified: $1350
     * The filesystem should be mountable from: 
             Faculty machines [X] 
             Grad machines [ ] 
     * The owner/group/world protections should be: 
             Owner:  username: watrous  protection Read [X], Write [X]
             Group: groupname: sysprogs protection Read [X, Write [X]
             World:                     protection Read [X], Write [ ] 
     * Special considerations:
     * Usage reports on a daily [ ], weekly [ ], or monthly [X] 
             mailed to watrous@cs