Shared accounts

Shared accounts

Shared accounts on the DCS faculty cluster are implemented via the become command. To have another user authorized to be able to become the shared user (or to have such a shared user set up initially), the responsible person for that account should send a request to, or post the request to our trouble ticket system.

To become the shared user, simply type

    become pseudouser
(where pseudouser is the name of the shared user). When you're done being that user, logout will return you to your own identity.

Users sharing the account can either log into it to read email sent to the shared account or use ~pseudouser/.forward to redistribute it. If you would like two other people to receive email sent to pseudouser, ~pseudouser/.forward should look something like this:

    user1, user2
If you want to be able to reply from the shared user, it will have to receive copies of the email too. ~pseudouser/.forward should then look something like this:
    \pseudouser, user1, user2

This page last updated November 28, 2005.