faculty and research cluster home directories

faculty and research cluster home directories

Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 14:34:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: Donald Watrous
Subject: faculty and research cluster home directories

As you may have noticed, currently your home directory (on /fac/users) is the same on both the faculty and research clusters. As of June 5, /fac/users will no longer be available to the research cluster. Only /res/users will be available there and your research home directory will be on /res/users. /res/users will continue to be available to the faculty cluster. I have already built a /res/users directory for you. In order to avoid interruption of work on research machines after June 4, it is advisable to take some time now and set up your new home directory there. You should copy any files you will need for your work environment (eg, .login, .cshrc) to your new directory. You should move any files or directories needed for research to the new directory. If you don't take care of this ahead of time, you will have to do it after the cutover before you will be able to get any work done on the research machines.

To see what machines are in the faculty (administrative) and research clusters, see

When you think your new home directory is set up, send me email and I will change your home directory on the research machines to the /res/users one. If you don't contact me, your research cluster home directory will be changed to the one on /res/users on June 5.

Remember: /res/users and any files you have on your research home directory will remain accessible from the faculty cluster after the cutover.

If you would like help in copying and/or moving files, please let me know.


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