Building Reconfiguration Primitives

into the Law of a System

Naftaly H. Minsky Victoria Ungureanu Wenhui Wang

Junbiao Zhang

Department of Computer Science
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ 08903 USA

Given a certain class C of reconfigurations, deemed to be potentially important for a given system, we define a reconfiguration suit P to be a set of primitive operations that satisfy the following conditions: We describe a mechanism for implementing such reconfiguration suites, for a system that operates under law-governed interaction (LGI), currently supported by an experimental toolkit called Moses. LGI is a mode of interaction between the members of a given group (or system) of agents, which is governed by an explicit and strictly enforced set of rules, called the law of this group. The existence of such a law under LGI provides us with an architectural model of the system, which can be made to include the definition of reconfiguration suites.