Lexicalized Grammar 101

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This web site outlines a simple and versatile lexicalized formalism for natural language syntax, semantics and pragmatics, called TAGLET, and draws on my experience with CS 533 (NLP) at Rutgers to motivate the potential role for TAGLET in a broad NLP class whose emphasis is to introduce topics of current research.

In brief, TAGLET is a context-free tree-rewriting formalism, defined by the usual complementation operation and the simplest imaginable modification operation. By implementing a strong competence TAGLET parser and generator students simultaneously get experience with central computer science ideas - data structures, unification, recursion and abstraction - and develop an effective starting point for their own subsequent projects. Two noteworthy directions are the construction of interactive applications, where TAGLET's relatively scalable and reversible processing lets students easily explore cutting-edge issues in dialogue semantics and pragmatics, and the development of linguistic specifications, where TAGLET's ability to lexicalize tree-bank parses introduces a modern perspective of linguistic intuitions and annotations as programs.

All materials copyright 2002 Matthew Stone.