DCS 500 #15541 - Research and Development

Fall 2004

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Tuesday 11:00-12:00, Core 301A.


Short weekly exercises and class participation.


  • Wed, Dec 22
    Final reports and comments posted.

  • Tue, Nov 23
    Final "project".
    Form a group of 3-5 of your classmates.
    Set a 2-hour meeting.
    During that meeting, plan a daylong event, oriented toward graduate students, to show off the activities of the department.
    Document your event in a short powerpoint presentation (e.g., 3 slides), outlining its goals, schedule, participants and rationale.
    Email the powerpoint file to MS by Dec 06 at 7pm.
    One member of each group should be prepared to present the plan in at most four minutes on Dec 07.

  • Tue, Nov 9
    Slides posted.

  • Thu, Nov 4
    Slides posted.

  • Wed, Oct 13
    Slides posted.

  • Tue, Sep 28
    Home pages linked.

  • Wed, Sep 22
    Lecture slides posted.

  • Thu, Sep 9
    First day's slides posted.

  • Mon, Sep 6
    This page created.

About this light seminar

This is a meta-seminar about research methods and practice. The idea is to explore and critique the things we do everyday as researchers, to improve our work and our ability to communicate it with others.


Ideas for next time...

  • How do you present a paper in a seminar?
  • What is a MS thesis?
  • What is a PhD defense?
  • What kinds of jobs do you get with a PhD? What do professors do?
  • How are conferences organized, and how does one play one's part?
  • How do you write the introduction to a research paper?
  • How do you present results? What discussion? What graphs? Etc.
  • How do you write reviews of conference and journal submissions?
  • How do you read the reviews you get when you submit?