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The rapid development of wireless digital communication technology has created capabilities that software systems are only beginning to exploit. The falling cost of both communication and mobile computing devices (laptop computers, hand-held computers, etc.) is making wireless computing affordable to both business users and private consumers. Mobile computing is not a `scaled-down' version of the established and well-studied field of distributed computing. The nature of wireless communication media and the mobility of computers combine to create fundamentally new problems in networking, operating systems, and information systems. Furthermore, many of the applications envisioned for mobile computing place novel demands on software systems.

Although mobile computing is still in its infancy, some basic concepts have been identified and several seminal experimental systems developed. Mobile Computing contains chapters that describe these concepts and systems, and the book describes applications that are currently being deployed and tested. Mobile Computing is a valuable reference book that may also be used as a text for a course on the subject.

Contents and Contributors:

Preface. 1. Introduction to Mobile Computing; T. Imielinski, H.F. Korth. 2. The PARCTAB Ubiquitous Computing Experiment; R. Want, et al. 3. Scalable Support for Transparent Mobile Internetworking; D.B. Johnson. 4. Location Management for Networks With Mobile Users; B.R. Badrinath, T. Imielinski. 5. Dynamic Source Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks; D.B. Johnson, D.A. Maltz. 6. Routing over Multi-Hop Wireless Network of Mobile Computers; C.E. Perkins, P. Bhagwat. 7. Improving the Performance of Reliable Transport Protocols in Mobile Computing Environments; R. Caceres, L. Iftode. 8. Indirect Transport Layer Protocols for Mobile Wireless Environment; A.V. Bakre, B.R. Badrinath. 9. Connecting Mobile Workstations to the Internet Over a Digital Cellular Telephone Network; M. Kojo, et al. 10. Asynchronous Video: Coordinated Video Coding and transport for Heterogeneous Networks with Wireless Access; J.M. Reason, et al. 11. Wireless Publishing: Issues and Solutions; T. Imielinski, S. Viswanathan. 12. Broadcast Disks: Data Management for Asymmetric Communication Environments; S. Acharya, et al. 13. Application Design for Wireless Computing; T. Watson. 14. Mobisaic: An Information System for a Mobile Wireless Computing Environment; G.M. Voelker, B.N. Bershad. 15. Providing Location Information in a Ubiquitous Computing Environment; M. Spreitzer, M. Theimer. 16. Unix for Nomads: Making Unix Support Mobile Computing; M. Bender, et al. 17. Scheduling for Reduced CPU Energy; M. Weiser, et al. 18. Storage Alternatives for Mobile Computers; F. Douglis, et al. 19. Disconnected Operation in the Coda File System; J.J. Kistler, M. Satyanarayanan. 20. Experience with Disconnected Operation in a Mobile Computing Environment; M. Satyanarayanan, et al. 21. Mobility Support for Sales and Inventory Applications; N. Krishnakumar, R. Jain. 22. Strategies for Query Processing in Mobile Computing; M. Tsukamoto, et al. 23. The Case for Wireless Overlay Networks; R.H. Katz, E.A. Brewer. 24. The DIANA Approach to Mobile Computing; A.M. Keller. 25. The CMU Mobile Computers and their Application for Maintenance; A. Smailagic, D.P. Siewiorek. 26. Genesis and Advanced Traveler Information Systems; S. Shekhar, D.-R. Liu. Index.

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