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  I am responsible for various undergraduate student computing services for the Department of Computer Science.  I provide course support for technology, do educational research and manage the CAVE.  The CAVE is an academic collaborative lab space for the Computer Science department.  We are open from 1pm to 11pm from Monday through Thursdays during regular semesters and we are staffed with iLab Assistants to help CS students with lab usage and light debugging.  We assist students in all the iLabs, not just the CAVE.  Code Red is our tutoring program.  On Fridays from 3pm to 6pm in the CAVE we provide upper-class CS students to assist their classmates with their coursework.  Code Red is a drop-in model, you donít have to make an appointment and you can come with friends. 

   My research includes running CSERG, the Computer Science Education Research Group, where we do research on educational topics, work with our local CSTA chapter, and run our annual CS4HS Google conference .  I also work with the CS Cognition group and RUBIC (Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center) on several projects as well.  

Lars Sorensen
Student Computing - Instructional Technology
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Busch Campus - Hill Mathematical Center - Rm 353




Targum Article from September 2013 gives the CAVE some nifty PR


The CAVE is located at room 252, the second floor of the Hill Mathematical Center's Annex.


My first batch of iLab Assistants in 2010.  Steph, Sagar & Lak on top and Kang and Kike below.




I also do research at RUBIC, the Rutgers Univesity Brain Imaging Center.


The 3T Siemans Trio is a nifty little piece of hardware.  It's nice to have cool toys.


A St. John's University eighties reunion as Rob Kordisch and Dave Albro join me at the center in August 2013.



When I'm not in the CAVE I'm in my office at the Hill Center...


The view I have everyday at work

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