All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy


There sure are a lot of fun things to do when you're not working or going to school.  I figured I'd put some of them here on the play page.



Rutgers Football

The Rutgers Crew
Top: Der, Kenny, Kendall, Monkey, Cliff, Tuck is hidden in hat, Petey - Bottom: Dar, Pat, Lars


Did Dar drink all those beers himself?


I do not know why, but I snapped this pic of the tickets before the Louisville game.  There was no way to know it would become the most famous game in all of RU Football history...


Go RU.



Elvis Basketball

I am fortunate enough to have played basketball with the same group of guys for over twenty years now.  The Edison Elvises, formed officially in 1992 to compete in the Edison Recreational League, are still going strong.  We currently play in the Central Jersey Over 30 run out of the NYSC in East Brunswick.  We hold two championships, six championship appearances and four completely torn ACLs (Me, Gary, Donny and Kenny in order of ligament obliteration)


Central Jersey Over 30 Championship in 2009.


The furious five (and Mike) have been playing basketball together for over 30 years.


The Metuchen Pulls Together Charity Event in 2006


Three Amigos at the rail after the 2009 win.


The pin in my knee holding my reconstructed ACL in place...


That cigarette is not NCAA approved or helpful...


Kenny and Nicky on crutches at the same time.


This is when we won the Kalahi League in 2012.  Mike, Gary, Casey, Lars, Eddie, Daryl and Kenny.


The NCAA party bunch.  Tuck, Howie, Brian on top, Lars, Pete and Kenny in the middle, and Mike, Gary, Nicky, D-Rock and Daryl on the bottom.


Another trick shot...


Not the biggest trophy in the world, but we were glad to have it.


God Awful Infuriating New York Mets Baseball


AT&T Park.  Mets v San Fran when I went out to JavaOne in 2007... Great park..


Bonds did not have the record yet...


Mets at Nationals, The last year of RFK - 2007


Cliff and I before game two, 2006 NLCS (We lost of course).


I think this was opening day in 2013.



And you need to find time to tinker w the gear.
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