Rutgers University Student Instructional Rating Survey
Spring 2013
(Online Survey)

 16:198:552:01   50568       Nath B  
         ENROLL=   22       RESP=  20 (90%)     STRONGLY                    STRONGLY  # OF     MEAN    MEAN  MEAN   MEAN       
                                                DISAGREE        NEUTRAL       AGREE     NO      OF      OF    OF     OF      
PART A: UNIVERSITY-WIDE QUESTIONS:                   1      2      3      4     5   RESPONSES SECTION COURSE DEPT   LEVEL   

  1. The instructor was prepared for class and     
     presented the material in an organized manner   1      0      1      5    12       1      4.42    4.42  4.19   4.15
  2. The instructor responded effectively to       
     student comments and questions                  1      0      1      7    11       0      4.35    4.35  4.30   4.27
  3. The instructor generated interest in the      
     course material                                 0      2      2      9     7       0      4.05    4.05  4.11   4.08
  4. The instructor had a positive attitude toward 
     assisting all students in understanding       
     course material                                 0      1      2      8     9       0      4.25    4.25  4.36   4.34
  5. The instructor assigned grades fairly           0      1      2      8     7       2      4.17    4.17  4.23   4.21
  6. The instructional methods encouraged student  
     learning                                        0      1      6      6     6       1      3.89    3.89  4.03   4.00
  7. I learned a great deal in this course           0      1      7      4     8       0      3.95    3.95  4.06   4.01
  8. I had a strong prior interest in the subject  
     matter and wanted to take this course           2      2      3      3    10       0      3.85    3.85  4.13   4.13
                                                   POOR                     EXCELLENT
  9. I rate the teaching effectiveness of the      
     instructor as                                   0      0      2      7    11       0      4.45    4.45  4.16   4.14
 10. I rate the overall quality of the course as     0      0      3      9     8       0      4.25    4.25  4.13   4.10

What do you like best about this course?:

The sections of the course that dealt with energy proportional computing, high speed routers and data center TCP were really interesting.

You can tell that the professor prepares the class and knows what he is talking about.

I got to know the state of the art in Computer Networks

the course topic is highly relevant to my research

i liked his style of teaching. It was very interactive and things were logical.

The amount of information, papers the professor gave was very good and help us to see various researchs going in this field. It was very encouraging class

Content of the course was very well structured and presented.

the way professor teaches.. awesome...D

If you were teaching this course, what would you do differently?:

The projects could have been more structured and rigorous. Also the initial part of the course that dealt with the TCP/IP stack could have been reduced since this is a graduate course.

Programming Assignments

More lecture time because there is too much information and 3 hours a week is not enough. Plus making more constant small homeworks

Have a little bit more hands on approach to understand complicated concepts.

Reduce the duration for covering foundation material.

talking more about course project. talk less about basic staff. add topics like interdomain routing, future internet architecture (content centric network, mobilityFirst, XIA, etc), GENI, more SDN stuff


Some of the introductory material is not necessary. You lose your audience when things are too basic.

may be some practical works

In what ways, if any, has this course or the instructor encouraged your intellectual growth and progress?:

The different areas in which TCP has been modified and used and the challenges that today's networking hardware face to support high speed routing were something that I had never read about before

I have learned a lot about network protocols and what is hot on this subject

The GPU Shader (as part of routing lecture) was mentioned in class. That piqued my interest and I decided to do the course project using GPU.

I like his way of giving a very rough idea of what the concept is and then digging deeper and deeper. That helped me learn the subject nice...

Learned basics of networking and got an exposure to current research trends in the topic

I didn't have a Networks class before. I learnt a lot in this course.

what all internet is about...... hats of to prof.....

Other comments or suggestions::

this is actually a general comment. I HAD to take this course because I couldn't take other courses. I was not really interested in the subject but the professor still managed to keep me attending the classes.

If there is another course being offered under this professor, I would love to take it, if the subject interests me.


Class at 8 30AM is very early, afternoon or evening time would be better.

3 hours at 8:40am is kind of brutal. You would probably get a better audience later in the day (Not sure if anything can be done about this).

Some people in class suggested that you cover the undergraduate material quicker than now. But I think the current pace is fine. Plus I took a parallel course on computer networks on Coursera, which I think really helped me understand the material in class. Maybe you could cut short the coverage of undergrad material and assign some background reading or videos to watch.