VLDB 2009 Ph.D. Workshop

In conjunction with VLDB 2009
24th August 2009
Lyon, France

Call for Papers
Program Committee
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The PhD workshop will take place on Monday August 24th.

Papers must be submitted electronically, in PDF format, by April 17th 2009 (5PM GMT, 10:00am PDT), using the conference management tool. Each paper must be formatted according to the conference's camera-ready format and must be at most 6 pages in length. Submissions must be single-author, and the name of the supervisor must be clearly marked ("supervised by ...") on the paper, under the author's name.

We welcome submissions from students that are enrolled in a PhD program and who are working on topics relevance to those covered by the VLDB conference. We particularly encourage submissions from students who are at the last stages of their doctoral work, and who can therefore present a more "complete" story about their thesis, as well as students who are in the beginning stages of their work and thus have a significant "future work" component. The former category will have the opportunity to showcase theses to a wider audience in preparation for a job search, whereas the latter can obtain valuable feedback about their upcoming research plans.