DIMACS Theoretical Computer Science Seminar
Spring 2019

Place:                   CoRE 301.
Time:                   Wednesdays 11:00 -- noon
Contact:               Eric Allender

See also the schedule for the MATH and CS seminar series. Data on previous semesters is also available.
NOTE to external speakers: Please see dimacs webpage for directions.

DIMACS CS Theory Light Seminar
TITLE (link to abstracts)
Jan 23
Robert Robere
Lifting with Simple Gadgets and Application for Cutting Planes

Jan 30
Abhishek Bhrushundi
An Algebraic Approach to ACC Lower Bounds

Feb 6
Samira Samadi
Fair PCA

Feb 13
David Pennock
Wagering Mechanisms for Probability Elicitation and Surprising Other Applications
Note: This lecture starts at 10:30 AM!
Feb 20
Shikha Singh
Bloom Filters, Adaptivity and the Dictionary Problem

Feb 27
Eric Allender
Planarity, Exclusivity, and Unambiguity

Mar 6
Seminar Canceled This Week.

Mar 13
Mert Saglam
Near log-convexity of heat and the k-Hamming distance problem

Mar 20

No talk: Spring Break
Mar 27
Xi Chen
Beyond Trace Reconstruction: Population Recovery from the Deletion Channel

Apr 3
Cohen Nadav
Analyzing Optimization in Deep Learning via Trajectories

Apr 10
Sepehr Assadi
Polynomial Pass Lower Bounds for Graph Streaming Algorithms

Apr 17
Joshua Brody
Strong Direct Sum for Randomized Query Complexity

Apr 24
Bahman Kalantari
A Triangle Algorithm for Semidefinite Version of Convex Hull Membership Problem

May 1
Ben Lund
A Sharper Bound for the Joints Problem

May 8
Salim El Rouayheb
Codes for Secure Distributed Matrix Multiplication
Last Seminar for Spring 19